Use These Tips to Breathe Easier

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Use These Tips to Breathe Easier

Life would be easier if we could just ignore ventilation, wouldn’t it? Once it’s warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer, that’s all you really need, right? Wrong. You’ve probably heard that ventilation is critical for health but exactly how important is it? And in what ways?

Here are four ways your health and your house benefit from proper ventilation.


A poorly ventilated space will build up carbon dioxide over time and you might not even notice. That is until the headaches start. Or the lethargy and brain fog. The air you breathe needs to have just the right amount of oxygen for your body to function. This is especially critical for children’s development and wellbeing. Removing stale air and replacing it with fresh outdoor air is the way to keep oxygen levels up.


Combined with a clean, functioning furnace filter, ventilation is the best HVAC defense you have against allergen buildup in your home. If you have pets, you might need to increase your ventilation to compensate for anyone sensitive to dander. If a member of your household suffers from allergies, talk to a professional about the level of ventilation you need to reduce irritants in the air.


Volatile organic compounds are invisible gases given off by chemicals in your home’s construction, furniture, and other items that contain certain compounds. It might not be realistic to rid your home of VOC sources but proper ventilation allows you to lower your exposure to these toxic substances. If you carry out activities in your home that involve chemicals (think smelly turpentine or mineral spirits for oil painters), discuss additional requirements to keep your air breathable and safe.


Poor ventilation doesn’t just affect your health but also that of your house. Besides staying safe from toxic gases and allergens that can make you sick, poor ventilation can cause the humidity inside your house to get too high. This results in damage to surfaces like your walls, causing the paint to peel and drywall to soften and disintegrate. In addition, condensation inside walls causes wood to rot, and excess moisture causes flooring to warp. Rather than deal with premature home repairs, ensure that ventilation is at the right levels to prevent it.

If you need help keeping your home and family safe and healthy with the right ventilation, give us a call!

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