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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Duct Cleaning

1. We use brand-new, state-of-the-art vacuum equipment.

It uses a special super high-efficiency fan motor that not only provides incredible suction to do a great job of cleaning the ducts – but also uses less than ½ of the electricity of most other systems. This gives you the best outcome of super cleaning power and barely a blip on your electric usage. A win-win for you!

2. Our system brings the vacuum inside your home while in operation.

Many other systems leave the vacuum outdoors or even truck or trailer-mounted. They do this to be able to use basic, cheap collection bags for the contaminants in your air ducts. Also, these are used in larger commercial applications. This is the problem. With the vacuum outside your home, while running, it creates a significant low-pressure zone inside your home. This then makes your home much like the “throw-away bag” in your household vacuum cleaner.

In winter cold dry air is sucked into your home through all the cracks and gaps, kitchen and bath exhaust fans, fireplaces – even the furnace and water heater chimneys. In the summer, hot, humid air is drawn inside. Along with the cold or hot air all the dust, pollen, insects, etc. are drawn into your home too. In a worst-case scenario, even the debris being sucked out of your ductwork can be sucked back into the home if the outdoor vacuum is set near enough to your home. With our NADCA-approved process and equipment, this is never the case.

3. Air Comfort’s process uses a high-pressure “air whip” to loosen the majority of contamination inside your air ducts.

Severe issues can be spot treated with manual or power brushes to make sure the entire air duct system is clean. Others use a rotating brush to agitate the contaminants and break them into small enough pieces their weaker vacuum can try to remove them. While this can be an effective method of removing debris – it also frequently causes damage to the air duct system; sometimes literally tearing the ductwork apart, requiring repair.

Where air ducts are hidden (attics, crawlspaces, etc.), you can end up with a major gaping hole that blows a tremendous amount of heated or cooled air into these areas; skyrocketing your energy costs and making your home much less comfortable. Another problem with the rotating brush method is there are often wires running through the air ducts in your home, along with wood or metal braces to make sure the air ducts stay in place and do not collapse on themselves. If they are not avoided during duct cleaning, hidden damage often occurs. Sometimes this is not discovered until much later and liability for the damage is hard to prove. Again, costing you even more.

4. Improperly done, amateur air duct cleaning can actually make the air quality in your home worse.

Breaking loose contamination that has been laying there for years is now free to be blown throughout your home by the furnace and air conditioner fans – unless it is safely removed. In addition to our equipment that virtually eliminates this possibility – we also do a video inspection of your air ducts once done to make sure everything is nice, clean, and safe. We always recommend a sanitizing fog be run through the system to complete the process.

5. We are the area’s only NADCA-certified and trained air duct cleaning company.

The North American Air Duct Cleaner’s Association has spent years studying, testing, training, and certifying equipment, processes, procedures, and technicians to make sure things are done correctly, safely, and ethically. Be sure to check the NADCA website to confirm the company you’re considering is listed as an approved representative.

6. Our promise is, “To keep you safe, comfortable and save you money – better than anyone else!”.

We’ve gone to all these measures to live up to that promise. Our entry into indoor air quality was not a profit-driven one. Over 30 years ago when one of our owner’s children was born with severe allergies – he sought out everything he could find to help his child. Even to the point of traveling to the National Jewish Center for Asthma and Immunology in Denver, Colorado. He spoke with doctors trying to find out what measures actually would help his child and which were smoke and mirrors. He took that information and implemented a complete “Healthy Indoor Living System” program. To this day it remains the ultimate in creating a home that aids in staying healthy instead of attacking the body’s immune systems.

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