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When You Need a Prompt Furnace Repair, Count on Us

What is the secret to an effective furnace repair? We believe there are several things that go into that equation.

Among these factors are:

  • Swift service

  • Adept diagnostics

  • Professional methods

  • Quality customer service

AirComfort Heating and Cooling addresses everything that you as a homeowner in the Fremont or Columbus area needs to have a satisfactory repair job.

Make it through many winters with expert furnace repair.

No Problem is Too Big or Small For Us

We can repair any type of furnace. However, if it’s too old or completely beyond repair, we can also provide a furnace replacement. Here is a quick look at what may be wrong with your system:

  • Odd noises – Something is out of place or worn out.

  • Odd smells – Is something burning? Then it’s best to turn off your furnace. If you smell rotten eggs, this is an emergency and probably a natural gas leak. You should call your utility company and evacuate your home.

  • Running but no heat – Check your filter first. If it isn’t dirty, there are several other reasons that require a professional to fix.

  • Not Running at all – This could be a pilot light issue for a gas furnace, an indication of a dirty air filter, a simple off switch issue or something much more serious.

If you find yourself observing any of these signs, it’s time to make a repair call.

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We’ll Send Out an Expert Technician on Your Schedule

Give us a call or contact us, and we’ll discuss your issue and plan a time that works for you.

With AirComfort Heating and Cooling, you’ll know you’ll be working with an established and trusted company in the Fremont and Columbus areas. Customers choose us for furnace repair because of our:

  • Industry Experience – One hundred twenty-five years is the grand total of experience from our founders, which we use to determine the best methods for keeping you safe and comfortable.

  • Upfront Pricing – It’s simple–No surprises. You’re always in the loop.

  • Friendly and Experienced Technicians – It’s a joy to extend our customer service to each and every repair job.

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