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 Improve Your Comfort in a Noticeable Way

A programmable thermostat upgrades your whole home comfort experience and offers a sleek, modern look to replace your old thermostat. Plus the digital display makes it easy to enter precise settings. When you call AirComfort Heating and Cooling, you’ll get professional installation quickly.

There are many ways to use a programmable thermostat to reduce energy use.

New Capabilities With an Upgraded Thermostat

Unless you’re home 24 hours a day, you will enjoy savings because you can program your new thermostat to only heat or cool when you’re home. You can turn the system off while you’re away without sacrificing comfort! And once you’ve set it, it is hands-off until you need to change your schedule.

Additional features that your new programmable thermostat may have include:

  • Keyboard lock

  • Temporary override

  • Pre-programmed schedules

  • Touch screens

  • Filter change reminders

  • Vacation features

There are many options, from the bare minimum to impressive customization.

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AirComfort Heating and Cooling is YOUR Programmable Thermostat Company

Our products come from reliable brands such as Amana, Lennox and Goodman.* We’re chosen in Columbus and Fremont because of our:

  • Experience – Our 30 years of industry experience means we have seen thermostats come and go and know the best ones on the market.

  • Professional Service – Constant training allows our drug tested and background checked technicians to roll out expert recommendations.

  • No Surprises – You will never be surprised by an unexpected fee or service. We will walk you through the simple process of us installing a thermostat, and you will receive exactly the product and placement you expected.


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