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Is Your Home Making You Sick? 

The Air Comfort ProTechs are offering a FREE evaluation of your indoor air quality!

Our FREE digital report will include an Overall AQS (Air Quality Score), PLUS:

  • Particulate Count

    A count of all the junk floating around in the air your family breaths and your lungs have to filter out.

  • VOC Count (volatile organic compounds)

    This is the really nasty stuff that can make you sick!

  •  Humidity Reading

    This alerts you to potential mold issues or damaging “dry heat” that can cause sinus issues and damage your home and belongings.

  • Visual inspection

    One of our ProTechs will do a visual inspection of the air ducts and air delivery system, letting you know any issues they may find that are affecting the quality of air inside your home.

You can rest easy knowing if your home is a Healthy Indoor Living environment.

Call today and rest easy!


This FREE service is available in Columbus and Fremont service locations only.  Outside areas a $69 AQS plus mileage fee applies.

Call 402-721-6576 or Contact Us NOW:

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