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Why choose Air Comfort Heating & Cooling to install your new comfort system?

Unlike a toaster or refrigerator your new comfort system is completely dependent upon how it is installed. You can’t simply “plug it in” and have it work. This is especially true of the new high efficiency systems being installed nationwide. Studies indicate, and a local utility program confirms, up to 85% of new heating & cooling units are not installed properly. We are proud to be the ONLY contractor in Nebraska to have a 100% PASS rating on inspections done by Omaha Public Power District under their heat pump rebate program. This record spanned several years and was never equaled during the program’s existence. Here’s a few other reasons why peace-of-mind is the foundation of our pledge – “Keeping you safe, comfortable and saving you money – better than anyone else!”

  • Every one of our install teams does an extensive Quality Audit on every furnace, air conditioner or heat pump we install. This ensures your system is operating as the manufacturer intended. The Quality Audit is reviewed by at least (2) two different individuals to confirm its operating properly.
  • We are one of very few companies that perform a full Nitrogen purge of every air conditioner or heat pump we install. In our Fremont location we are aware of only one other company; in Columbus we are aware of no one else. This multi-hour long process is essentially mandated by all manufacturers but is easily avoided by some “insider secrets”. This can dramatically reduce costs to the contractor – but can be disastrous to you.
  • Our Air Comfort ProTechs undergo routine training exercises by our manufacturers and our own in-house trainers. In addition we have a dedicated training area including a classroom and live equipment area to verify what’s learned in class can be performed in the field.
  • As of the writing of this we are the only contractor in the state that offers a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality training program. This allows our staff to learn in a way unknown to our industry until just recently. Even a state technical school was impressed when we demonstrated it to them.
  • ProTechs are graduates of “Customer Care College”. We’re very proud to have developed this program that puts the “person” back into the service experience. We want to be sure you are completely comfortable with every interaction you have with Air Comfort. Not just our technical expertise but also what we refer to as “service etiquette”. No swearing, smoking, rude behavior or disrespect allowed.
  • All Air Comfort ProTechs are “Certified Drug Free” with ongoing random testing required.

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