Benefits of a Maintenance Contract

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Benefits of a Maintenance Contract

An HVAC maintenance contract is the residential equivalent of “preventative maintenance” for equipment at industrial plants. The last thing you need in your busy life is a furnace or AC that won’t come on. Here are six reasons to consider a maintenance contract.

Peace of mind
This is an intangible benefit but no less important. You and your family can focus on everyday tasks and challenges without worrying about poor temperature control or equipment failure. Knowing how your equipment is performing will also allow you to relax, knowing that it’s all being looked after.

You protect your family and home
Having regular inspections and work on your HVAC equipment carried out by a professional will ensure that you don’t end up compromising on safety. If you attempt to carry out repairs or maintenance yourself without the proper knowledge, you can put yourself at risk for injury or worse. Regular maintenance will also pick up on situations that can put your family at risk if not addressed on time.

Never miss your maintenance
Your plate is full enough without having to remember to call a technician for inspections. Having a maintenance contract in place ensures that it’s organized and you never forget or procrastinate on getting your HVAC equipment maintained.

One major benefit of having the same company work on your equipment on an ongoing basis is that the technicians will get familiar with the operation of your HVAC system: its strengths and weaknesses, possible sources of failure and timing for component replacement. Through them, you would also learn how to best care for your system. You’ll also develop a relationship with the technicians working on your equipment.

Longer equipment life
One of the main reasons for any sort of preventative maintenance is the overall extension of equipment lifespan. Care for your equipment by a professional will keep it going longer the same way regular physical exams keep you and your family healthy. Think of this maintenance as your equipment’s “physical checkups”.

Less cost overall
You save money through lower repair costs by preventing major failures as well as by reducing your energy bills. Even though you’re paying for ongoing maintenance, the cost of doing so is less than that of a repair or replacement caused by neglect. You’ll postpone replacement of your HVAC equipment and save in the short term as well as the long run.

If you need to find out more about maintenance contracts and to discuss your needs, give us a call and we can help you get the one that’s just right for you.

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