Keep Your Cool! Prevent an Overheating Disaster

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Keep Your Cool! Prevent an Overheating Disaster

There’s enough excitement out there in the world without adding your own HVAC issues to the mix. Your heating and cooling system isn’t made up of “set it and forget it” equipment and things can go wrong. Exactly how wrong things go will depend on how proactive you are at preventing or mitigating smaller issues.

Equipment failure
Complete failure of your furnace or air conditioner can leave you scrambling for help. It’s the most obvious disaster but one that can be avoided with regular maintenance. Frequent inspection at the very least will uncover issues when they are small and can be repaired at a lower cost. Pay attention to your HVAC equipment so when something is “off”, you’ll pick it up right away.

Carbon monoxide leak
This is one of the worst problems you could face with your HVAC system. It’s not an issue in warmer weather but now is the time to deal with the potential issues before the season changes. Ensure regular maintenance and inspections of your furnace’s heat exchanger to look for possible cracks or weak spots that can cause a leak later on. In addition to professional inspection, you can keep your furnace room and vent outlet clear to minimize the risk of carbon monoxide production.

Respiratory issues
This is not an issue with your HVAC equipment directly but it is connected to your HVAC system and it can be prevented. Regular filter replacement and duct cleaning will lower your family’s risk of developing respiratory issues like asthma and will reduce allergy symptoms. As far as your family’s health is concerned, this is one disaster you can avoid. For more great information on your health watch this short video. Click HERE

Electrical problems
An electrical fire isn’t something you want to think about but when it comes to prevention, you need to pay attention to your HVAC system’s electrical operations. If your air conditioner shuts off whenever the dryer is running, you need to call in a professional to make sure that your HVAC system’s electrical connections are working.

Too hot or too cold
HVAC systems are never perfect and you’ll always find moments of discomfort during both heating and cooling seasons. If, however, your indoor temperature never stays comfortable for long, you should call in a professional to inspect your equipment as well as your thermostat. Your HVAC system depends on these multiple components working together and if one is overworking or underperforming (or not working at all), you need to have it checked and repaired if necessary.

If you need help preventing any of these or other HVAC disasters from happening, give us a call!

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