5 HVAC Lessons You Want To Avoid…

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5 HVAC Lessons You Want To Avoid…

Some lessons in life are best learned the hard way (like all nighters never work and there is such a thing as too much cheesecake). Others, however, turn out to be too costly and painful, like HVAC lessons. Here are five such lessons you should take to heart to avoid dealing with the harsh consequences.

Ductwork needs to be cleaned
If someone in your family has respiratory issues, dirty ductwork may be part of the problem. Even if you’ve never had to deal with wheezing, coughing or reaching for an inhaler every hour, letting your duct build up dust and pet hairs will catch up with you. Take the time to call in professionals to clear out your home’s air system and you’ll breathe easier.

Your furnace needs to be tuned up
Like cars, furnaces and air conditioners don’t run all day and night without needing attention. Seasonal tune ups prevent a myriad of issues from developing so you’re spared the stress of a dead furnace in the middle of winter and higher repair costs.

Ventilation is not an option
Fresh air in your home is key for maintaining your family’s health. Exhaust fans need to work and, ideally, your HVAC system should also have fresh air intake. Commercial building HVAC systems always have fresh air intake and considering how much time you spend at home, your house should have the same. Opening windows is out of the question du ring winter and if you have certain allergies. An energy recovery ventilation system will boost indoor air quality and lower your risk of illness.

Humidity affects everything
Avoiding the dreaded mold is not the only reason to be concerned about humidity.
Keeping it low is important to avoid other allergens and bacterial growth as well as to protect your home’s structure from slow damage. Too low and you risk damaging electronics and increasing your risk of catching the cold (and other yucky germs trying to get past your now-dry mucous membranes).

Clearances are important
HVAC equipment needs enough clearance to operate properly. Furnaces need adequate oxygen for burners, air conditioners need airflow to cool the condensing unit and exhaust venting needs to be clear to allow dangerous flue gases to escape.

Air intakes and exhaust terminals
need to remain clear of loose items and debris. Don’t wait for spring cleaning to
remove waste from these areas. Your safety and the operation of your equipment depends on it.

If you need help heeding HVAC advice before it becomes a hard lesson, give us a call!

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